by Jasmine Haynes

July 2008
ISBN: 978-0-425-22158-7
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Trade Paperback

As the heat is rising outside this summer the heat can also be rising inside with Jasmine Haynes’ new release, Show and Tell. Show and Tell is the sequel to last year’s The Fortune Hunter.

Show and Tell is the story of Trinity Green. Trinity is a socialite who was raised with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. She never had to work for the things she wanted, or needed. Therefore when her marriage suddenly and unexpectedly falls apart she finds herself at a loss.

Knowing only that she cannot spend the night in her marital bed Trinity escapes to a local hotel. Once in what she assumes to be the safety and security of her hotel room she decides to please herself.

On the other side of the wall Scott Sinclair becomes an unwitting voyeur. He can hear the sounds of Trinity’s pleasure, and assumes that he’ll be in for a long night of sex games between two people. Soon he decides he has to know what the noises are about, and he knocks on Trinity’s door.

It’s here that a most unusual relationship starts to bloom. Scott is a lot more honest in the relationship than Trinity, starting with the fact that Scott has never learned Trinity’s name. However, the relationship is far from totally honest on either side.

Show and Tell is a story in which sexual fantasies play an important part. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Show and Tell because so much of it is about the enacting of sexual fantasies. I however felt the connection between the two main characters.

I also thought that Ms. Haynes allowed both characters the ability to grow within themselves, and feel secure in persuing a more mature relationship by the ending of the story.

Show and Tell is not the romance you’ll hand to your new book club friend, but it is a romance that will keep you reading until the end, and when the last page is closed looking for your partner to try out that new fantasy you have envisioned.

Reviewed in June 2008 by Sandi.

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