by Veronica Wolff

February 2008
ISBN: 0425218996
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands, Present Day

Having lost her direction in life, computer wiz Lily Hamlin takes a leave of absence from Silicon Valley, digs up her long abandoned artist’s supplies and travels to Scotland, her beloved grandmother’s homeland. Renting a secluded cottage up in the Highlands, Lily becomes engrossed in her drawings and loses track of time. Trying to find her way back through the hills, Lily stumbles into an overgrown maze with a strange stone map and becomes very disoriented as she follows its many twists and turns. Lily feels herself beginning to fall, and when she wakes up badly injured it is to see a fierce Highland warrior on horseback bearing down on her!

Scottish Highlands, February 1654

Ewen, chief of the clan Cameron, is not having a very good day. Having just met with Cromwell’s flunky General Monk, Ewen is not in the best of moods. Riding home with his uncle and his foster brother, Robert, they come upon a lass dressed strangely in skin tight trews and speaking an odd form of English they can barely understand. The lass, though gravely hurt, stands her ground with the Highlanders and Ewen can’t help but be drawn to her. Scooping her up Ewen takes her back to Castle Cameron and is in awe how the woman has no respect for his title, or his authority. Lil (as Ewen affectionately begins to call her), takes on the role of governess to widowed Ewen’s rascally son John. Soon the bonny lass has not only become important to his motherless son, but Ewen is also at a loss if this woman decides to return to her world. Can this Master of the Highlands convince his Lil she belongs with him here in his?

Scottish romance master authors such as Karen Marie Moning, Sue- Ellen Wellfonder and Hannah Howell have a new bright shining star amongst them, Veronica Wolff. Ms. Wolff’s debut novel Master of the Highlands is an extraordinary mix of actual historical figures and events with time-travel fantasy. It has fascinating characters such as blustering alpha male Ewen whose befuddlement with his heroine Lily’s 21st century mannerisms and speech is uproarious Other elements of the story could have been given more depth; the character of Robert should have had his story explained more. All in all I look forward to more from this imaginative author!

Reviewed in March 2008 by Bonnie.

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