by Christine Feehan

March 2003
ISBN: 0-515-1352-16
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dark Symphony is the ninth book in Ms. Feehan’s popular Dark series, finally bringing reader fans the story of Byron Justicano’s finding of his lifemate. Like her previous books, Dark Symphony can be read alone, but you will enjoy the rich history of the Carpathians more if you’ve read the books prior to this one. Filled with incredible passion, an eternal love that transcends all obstacles no matter what, this story will remain in the reader’s heart and mind for a very long time.

Antonietta Scarletti is a world famous concert pianist and composer, and is the strength of her family, consisting of a patriarchal grandfather and cousins. She’s also blind. A tragic boat explosion took the lives of her parents and blinded her when she was just a child. Instead of making her dependent on others, Antonietta is a remarkable woman - very independent, incredibly talented, and travels the world over performing concerts. Her family relies on her for so much and she gladly accepts that responsibility.

But Antonietta has another talent that’s even more remarkable. And it’s her amazing-yet-secret family heritage that allows her to so easily accept Byron when he comes into her life bringing his own mysteries and secret background.

Byron is an immortal, a Carpathian, a self-imposed hunter of the undead - the vampire. He’s suffered a lonely existence after a self-exile from his homeland and his people. Centuries have passed, leaving him fighting the darkness that threatens to own his soul and make him into the very evil he hunts. He has all but given up in finding the “light to his darkness”, the “other half of his soul”, his “lifemate”. When he hears Antonietta’s music, his whole world changes. He knows, without a doubt, she is the woman he had thought never to find.

Danger stalks Antonietta, and her family. Mystery, legends, myths, all come into play as suspicions run through the family. Byron will not allow any harm to come to his lifemate, and he works with her to discover the truth. Antonietta’s undoubtable acceptance of him leaves Byron stunned with elation, and his whole existence changes with her unconditional love. Together, they will discover the truths, accept their incredible, soul-mate love, and will save the family and the Scarletti heritage.

This reader was left with that happy “wow” feeling when I finished the last page. Ms. Feehan has brought into play the incredible, sensual, immortal world of the Carpathian heritage, the secrets of the Scarletti descendants, and also introduced another possible line of specially gifted “people” that will all eventually tie into each of the stories. Reader fans will be left anxiously awaiting her next book, knowing she will not disappoint!

This book was as wonderful, as sensual, as fascinatingly-engrossing as each previous Dark book, but to this reader it will remain a favorite at the top of the list. Byron has touched our hearts when he was portrayed in other books, so desperately hoping for his own lifemate, and living with a guilt that finally almost caused his downfall. Antonietta is such a special heroine - her complete acceptance of Byron, her courage and steadfast love, all made this story all the more emotional. Byron’s own emotions, so new and out-of-control after finding his lifemate was so touching, a reader could almost feel them too!

This reviewer has been a reader-fan of Ms. Feehan’s since that first book, Dark Prince. She will always be an auto-buy for me, and I will always enthusiastically recommend her books to others. Don’t miss Dark Symphony!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Kari.

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