by Jaide Fox

January 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-223-X
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Untamed has a shape shifter or two, curses, and the passion of two people greater than their adversity.

Lady Ashanti is being held captive by Lord Conrad. Lord Conrad is a mighty mean fellow, and uses Ashanti for his personal plaything. Ashanti has been cursed, and is fated for disaster if she doesnít receive the blood of a shape shifter. But Lord Conrad has a surprise for Ashanti, in the form of one hunk of a shape shifter.

Blasien is the shape shifter, caught and held captive by Lord Conrad. Ashanti canít bear the idea that someone else will have to die if sheís to live, so she helps Blasien escape and together they head for Shadowmere, the land of the shape shifters. A journey Ashanti welcomes, as sheís escaped the evil clutches of Lord Conrad, and found a very handsome shifter in the bargain! Some shape shifting issues arise, and change Ashantiís path in life drastically.

There's a dilemma that Ashanti and Blasien face; while attracted to one another, they cannot become involved until the Hunters Moon passes. Ashanti will know then that she is no longer cursed, and she can freely give herself to Blasien. Upon arrival at Blasienís castle, a savage lifestyle is revealed, and Ashanti has her doubts about survival. Will the curse cast so long ago be lifted from Ashanti? Can Ashanti, a human, live out her life with shape shifters?

This read left some questions in my mind, that unanswered, didnít satisfy my curiosity. The conflict between Ashanti and Blasien, besides the obvious, (heís a shape shifter, sheís human) was that they couldnít make love until the Hunters Moon had passed. When dealing with that conflict, I felt we skimmed over the importance of the biggest issue-her life! I also couldnít seem to figure out why she was cursed to begin with. Could be this reader missed something.

The romance between Ashanti and Blasien left a bit to be desired, I would have liked to see them learn more about each other. I would have liked to know more about them. Their lovemaking, while steamy, didnít connect for me with the lack of their emotional connection.

A fine read, despite the questions left unanswered. Well written dialogue, with a touch of sarcasm and wit on both the characters parts that kept the flow smooth. Interesting in setting, and premise, a quick way to pass the time on a chilly winterís eve!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Connie.

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