by Laura Drewry

April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8439-6048-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Redemption, Texas

Summer 1881

The bride auction was about to start and Lucy Firr targeted her man. Lucy had struck a deal with her father, Satan. The devil would give Lucy her freedom from Hell in exchange for three souls, one the precious pure new born soul of an infant, and the man she needed to accomplish that goal was here at this auction. Lucy pointed her finger at the tall dark handsome man in the back and boldly announced to the woman running the auction that she wanted him. Miss Blake began to sputter that this was not how the auction worked, but Lucy had her prey and would not be denied.

Jedidiah Caine didnít even know why he had come to the auction, other then he was desperate. Jedís brother had mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago, and in his heart Jed knew Sam wasnít coming back. Samís ailing wife, Maggie, was due to have her baby very soon, and needed the help and support of another woman or she and the baby would die. Jed came to the auction seeking a strong and able woman to help him run his fledgling ranch and take care of Maggie. The fancy dressed alluring dark haired green-eyed vixen pointing her finger at him was not what Jed needed at all, and yet when he lifted her hands and felt the calluses there he knew this woman was no stranger to hardship. Jed agreed and took The Devilís Daughter home to be his bride!

Smart sassy and refreshingly different The Devilís Daughter held my attention from start to finish. Laura Drewryís well constructed devilish heroine actually makes you feel the pain and suffering Lucy has had in her existence. Jed is a man tortured by this sexy but yet innocent woman who doesnít even understand how to make coffee, (a comical episode in the book will explain that detail). The love that develops between the two is amazing and will envelope you into the heart of this romance. Fun, original and totally captivating! I know we are going to see more great things from Laura Drewry! Donít miss The Devilís Daughter!

Reviewed in April 2008 by Bonnie.

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