by Olivia Parker

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-135544-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Gabriel has had his fill of marriage-minded mamas and calculating women. He decides to hand the pressure of continuing the Devine line over to his younger brother. To make certain his plan succeeds, Gabriel arranges for a group of specially selected women to spend two weeks at Wolverest Castle. During that time Tristan will mingle with the ladies. At the end of the two weeks he will choose a bride. Gabriel will be free to live his life as a bachelor for as long as he sees fit. Itís brilliant, itís inspired, and itís all about to fall apart at his feet.

All Madelyn wishes is to live in the quaint cottage she lived in as a child. Because her stepmother has control of it Madelyn must play a part in the womanís maddening scheme. She wants Madelyn to attend the outrageous bride hunt and catch the Dukeís interest. If she succeeds then Madelynís stepmother will hand over the cottage to her.

Gabriel is definitely interested. In Madelyn he sees an attractive young woman held prisoner by her own self-image and a manipulative stepmother. True, she is not the most graceful of women, nor is she adept in society. Still there remains a beguiling quality that draws one to her. He knows she claims to be uninterested in marriage, but his experience with the fairer sex leads him to believe otherwise. No, Miss Madelyn Haywood is playing a game and he intends to find out what she is after.

At the Bride Hunt Ball is Olivia Parkerís debut novel. Sheís taken her cue from reality television and integrated it in with her love for historical romance. As a result fans of historical romances will have a fun read to enjoy. Gabriel is a yummy hero who thinks he has women all figured out and Madelyn is just the heroine he needs to rid him of that false idea.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Rho.

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