by Stella Cameron

March 2003
ISBN: 1-55166-666-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

The long-awaited story of Adam Chillworth and Princess Desiree of Mont Nuages is brought to life in About Adam, by Stella Cameron. As one of the Mayfair Square series, the ensemble of characters in previous books are present and accounted for, including the resident ghost/troublemaker, Sir Septimus Spivey.

Adam Chillworth is a painter. That is not to say a starving artist by any means, but a portraitist of some renown. While he could easily live in grander surroundings, he likes the homey atmosphere of Number 7 Mayfair Square and his cozy attic apartment. Upon first impression, he appears to be a stoic, silent man, with a mysterious past. He is also desperately in love with the princess, but knows that his suit is pointless. He is a commoner, of humble origins and modest means.

Princess Desiree knows what she wants - Adam. She has been in love with him for the past four years, and even a sojourn back to Mont Nuages has not dimmed her affection. She is headstrong and stubborn, adamant that she will not be put on the marriage market to the highest bidder. If she canít have love, then she will remain unwed!

Ms. Cameron skillfully pulls together the strengths of each character to show them to best advantage. She keeps the plot moving along with a few twists and turns. There are just enough unexpected moments to keep the reader entertained.

This story is a gem. The reunion between reader and favorite characters is always a welcome one, but this book is strong enough to stand on itís own merit. In fact, I would anticipate that first-time visitors to Mayfair Square will be scouring the shelves for the rest of the series!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Paula.

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