by Sophie Jordan

December 2007
ISBN: 0061339261
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

London, England

Left widowed from a cold loveless marriage, Lady Jane Guthrie is now at the mercy of her loathsome brother-in-law Desmond and his shrew of a wife. Janeís despicable in-laws have imposed Jane to stay in mourning even though it has been over a year, and have kept her virtually a prisoner as an unpaid governess for their three unruly daughters. Jane decides she will finally have a taste of the elusive freedom she has never had...if only for one night.

Donning a mask and borrowing a dress from her good friend and neighbor Lucy, Jane sneaks off with her and another friend to attend a courtesanís ball at the infamous house of Madame Fleur. Spying a face in the crowd from her past, Jane is chilled with recognition for the only man she ever loved, Seth Rutledge, her childhood best friend!

Newly titled after the sudden death of his older brother, left embittered and disfigured by war, Seth Rutledge has returned home. His new title would have once won him the hand of the girl he loved so long ago, now it is just a burden, for he must have a bride to secure his blind sisterís future. Convinced passion is no longer relevant; Seth is rocked to his core upon sighting the mysterious masked woman in gold who he rescues from anotherís unwanted advances. Taking this glorious creature in his arms is Sethís undoing, he must have her! But the woman vanishes as quickly as she had appeared; leaving Seth bereft, he must find her again!

One Night With You is Sophie Jordanís masterful take on the Cinderella theme! Jane has been put down all her life. First by her own family, including her sister who stole Seth away from her when they were young, only to spurn him, then by her vulgar husband, and finally by his brother who desires Jane for more then just a nanny to his children. The tortured Seth cannot fathom ever being passionate again for anything or anybody after being once rejected, especially now with his badly scarred face, but when the masked goddess asks for ďOne Night With YouĒ Seth is once again back to the scents and touches of his happy youth. Sophie Jordan continues her upward climb of the romance star ladder; One Night With You is heavenly sinful!

Reviewed in March 2008 by Bonnie.

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