by Bella Andre

July 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4165-5841-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

Julie Spencer has just been hired to reinvent Super Bowl winner Ty Calhoun’s image. He’s a hard playing, raucous and wild womanizer and partier and the new team owner wants his act cleaned up, fast. Julie needs this job as it will bring precious cash flow into her new business, but she does not want to work with Ty. After he broke her heart the night of their high school graduation, Julie has carried somewhat of a grudge. Can she put that aside in order to do her job?

Ty Calhoun has never forgotten Julie Spencer. She is the woman who got away, and no matter how many women throw themselves at him, Ty still aches for Julie. So, when she is hired as his new image consultant, he is determined to show her his good side. He wants her still but he needs to break past the barrier that is her heart. For a man who has faced some of the toughest football players in the NFL, the thought of falling in love is a mixture of bliss and nerves. But Ty is not a winner for nothing…

Game for Anything is the sizzling new story by Bella Andre. The sparks are jumping between Julie and Ty. There are several difficult misconceptions between these two but Bella Andre does not let them fester, rather, Ty and Julie start to get to know each other all over again, leading to natural conversations about the past. There is a lot more to Ty than meets the eye and though it hurts her to let him in again, Julie does not regret the laughter and romance Ty brings into her life.

Game for Anything is a passionate and sultry romance read!

Reviewed in August 2008 by Sarah.

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