by Kayla Perrin

February 2002
ISBN: 0-380-81379-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Books
Mass Market Paperback

Darrell Montford is tall, dark and gorgeous. Heís also twin to Cecil Montford, the man who stomped on Serena Childsí pride, took off with ten thousand of her dollars and an heirloom diamond necklace.

To say the least Say You Need Me starts off with a bang. After having the wrong brother arrested, Serena teams up with Darrell to find Cecil, who Darrell believes to be in serious trouble. And he is, because for the first time in his life Cecil is in a situation he canít charm his way out of and that Darrell canít protect him from.

Say You Need Me is about many things. Family ties, forgiveness and the joy of finding the one meant for you. Serena and Darrell are so right for each other that on occasion itís irritating that they canít see it. Luckily, Perrin had the foresight to add an extra dose of romance to the plot in the form of Serenaís sister, Kiana, and her love interest, Geoff.

The reader almost gets two love stories for the time of one. While Kiana is dealing with her still strong love for Geoff and trying to deal with her fear of his job (heís a policeman), Serena and Darrell are embroiled in the adventure finding Cecil has become.

Say You Need Me has a great plot. Itís not something youíve read a million and one times before. And while Iíd have liked more development of Kiana and Geoffís story, I understand that the focus is suppose to stay on Serena and Darrell.

Darrell has to be my favorite character in this book. His personality was really centered on doing the right thing, which contrasted sharply with his desire to help his brother. To do so heíd have to break a few laws.

I was more ambivalent about Serena. Her reasons and motives were well explained but there wasnít too much about her that reached out to me and on occasion I found myself irritated with her actions or lack of action, as the case was.

From the beginning itís clearly the male characters that steal the show and give this book its oomph. All were interesting, intelligent and while not necessarily on the up and up they all had attention holding power. Kiana, the other woman of interest in Say You Need Me started out strongly but lost a bit of force as the book wore on. Iím hoping to read a story with her and Geoff as the focus soon. Both characters needed more room to spread their personalities around.

I definitely enjoyed Say You Need Me and as it was the first Perrin book I read and it was a nice introduction to her work.

Reviewed in January 2003 by JaToya.

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