by Anne Stuart

May 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2536-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jilly Lovitz is a brainy beauty with a genius mind. However, Jilly’s social skills with the opposite sex are terrible. She’s never found a man to make her feel like the romance novels describe. After one traumatic experience, she flies to Tokyo, expecting to cry on her sister’s shoulder. But instead of sympathy and comfort, she is snatched away on the back of a motorcycle before an execution attempt meant for her sister and brother-in-law is successful. Her rescuer is Reno, the tattooed Yakuza punk cousin of her brother-in-law. Reno is one of the most dangerous men Jilly knows and the only male who has ever captured her attention, or made her body ache for his touch.

Thrown into the Japanese underworld, kidnappings, assassination attempts and prisoner swaps become the norm. While trying to get Jilly out of Tokyo, Reno cannot resist the steamy attraction even if he is determined to hold onto his heart...

Fire and Ice is the fifth book in Anne Stuart’s Ice series. Ms. Stuart’s forte is dark, edgy romance and plotlines packed full of explosions, guns and near death experiences. Fire and Ice does not disappoint. The bad guys are bigger than ever; only a larger than life hero can save the day – and Reno is more than capable of fitting the description! The reader first sees Reno in Ice Blue and what a pleasure it is to read his story. A punk secret agent has never been so sexy! Reno will stop at nothing to protect Jilly, but the emotional turmoil of his own feelings takes the reader on a real roller coaster ride.

Jilly might think herself an egghead Californian, but as a character she shows amazing strength in the face of peril. Together they are explosive! Mostly stormy, their relationship has as many explosions as the storyline, but deep down their connection is unbreakable.

At times humorous, at times edge of your seat drama, Fire and Ice is a darker, edgier romance with a twist. A real gem of a book!

Reviewed in April 2008 by Donna.

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