by Celeste Bradley

April 2008
ISBN: 0-312-93969-8
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Sir Hamish Pickering thought he had the right idea – leave his fortune to the young woman who can manage to marry a duke. He hoped to inspire his descendents to use their intellect and beauty to advance the family fortunes. What he created was a mess.

Three young cousins are eligible to gain the fortune. So far, Phoebe, the vicar’s daughter, became engaged to a future duke, but married his bastard half-brother for love. Now there is an eligible nobleman in the neighborhood, and Deirdre is determined to capture his attention. The fortune is merely a bonus of sorts, she has loved the Marquess of Brookhaven for years, following his tragic marriage and subsequent retreat from society with interest. This last escapade involving his brother Rafe will once again put him in the spotlight, and Deirdre has a plan.

The Beast of Brookhaven has lost another bride! Will he never escape this tawdry notoriety? Calder Marbrook would like nothing better than to catch the next boat to the Americas – anywhere where he won’t be hounded to death. His wife died fleeing her marriage with her lover, and Calder’s reputation is the one that was shattered.

The second book in The Heiress Bride trilogy, The Duke Next Door brings together some unforgettable characters and sets them loose upon the page. Calder would prefer to hide away from the limelight, but Deirdre is made of sterner stuff. Hasn’t she endured that harridan of a stepmother all these years?

Readers will delight in the rocky road to love faced by this couple of survivors. This is no flowers and candy romance, but one with passion and drama. It will capture your interest and hold it until the final sentence is read.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Paula.

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