by Carlene Thompson

April 2008
ISBN: 0-312-37285-X
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Teresa Farr was seventeen when her parents were brutally murdered. On that night eight years ago, she barely managed to escape with her life – and the life of her stepsister, Celeste. There was no love lost between her parents and her, and for a few weeks Terri was the number one suspect. Until serial killer Roscoe Lee Byrnes confessed. However there were people who still whispered Terri was the real murderer. An eight year old Celeste was so traumatized; she couldn’t remember that night or speak out at all.

But now Celeste’s memory has returned and she begins to talk about that fateful night. Terri fights to protect those she loves as a series of bizarre events make her doubt the guilt of Roscoe Lee Byrnes. The evil that entered Terri’s home all those years ago is back, deadlier than ever and willing to kill to keep hidden secrets Terri and Celeste are determined to uncover.

If You Ever Tell is a breath taking, gripping romantic suspense. Carlene Thompson knows how to build the tension eventually bringing the reader to an explosive, fast paced ending. The characters are well drawn and the reader feels a personal connection with every one of them. At the core of the murder mystery lies a rocky romance between Terri and Mac. As childhood sweethearts they drifted apart due to differences, but the unfolding drama brings them closer than they’ve ever been. This romance adds touching moments to an otherwise intriguing story. These characters and their motives drive the story along, hurdling the reader towards a nail biting ending.

Along the way there are many twists and turns plot wise. Fifty pages in and this reviewer believed she’d solved the mystery only to be completely surprised by the ending!

If You Ever Tell is a gripping tale of revenge, murder and obsession. If you like a smart, tense thriller loaded with suspense, If You Ever Tell is a must read!

Reviewed in March 2008 by Donna.

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