by Anna Dynowski

March 2008
ISBN: 1-59431-608-2
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When Petra takes up a post as a teacher in a small town, she meets policeman, Matt, who becomes a major influence on her new life. Petra is divorced and has two children. Matt is a widower with one daughter. His wife had been murdered by a man who escaped from jail.

When Petra becomes Matt's daughters teacher she discovers the girl has an eating disorder. The subject of eating disorder is tackled with wonderful sensitivity in this story. Petra had herself suffered from bulimia, so is well able to recognize the signs.

There is a strong religious theme to the story. Praying aloud is part of Petra's life and though Matt thinks he has lost his faith, Petra is determined he will rediscover it. She strongly believes that God governs everything they do and the choices they make.

When Petra falls in love with Matt she has an uphill struggle to get him to open up to her. Though he does love her he is afraid the killer will strike again and target Petra. There is a strong fear threaded through the tale. The reader can sense the killer in the background stalking Matt and Petra. This makes for a very tense story.

The romance is really good as Matt and Petra's feelings for each other and the reader will be in tune with Matt and Petra's children wanting them to become a couple and make one home for them all.

But first Matt has to catch a killer and Petra fears he will risk his own life to catch the man who killed his first wife. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can highly recommend it as a very good read.

Reviewed in June 2008 by Mary.

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