by Karen Cotton

August 2002
ISBN: 1-59129-250-6
Reviewer Graphic Button AmErica House
Trade Paperback

In one brutal stroke, Cara Jonesí life is destroyed. Her husband and daughter are brutally murdered, and she is left with nothing. With the help of a new friend, she finds strength in her rage to go on living.

The killer is still out there though, and heís after Cara so she says goodbye to everyone she knows and begins a new life, moving from city to city, traveling non-stop. Along the way, using money from a lottery win, she helps those in need through a secret organization. Each successful effort allows her to find purpose in her existence.

After three years of moving, Cara grows tired and decides to settle down in a small town in Illinois. She finds a quaint little house and begins to establish a new life. Handsome Detective Nick Travelli is immediately suspicious of her, and itís not only because she appears out of nowhere and moves into his Auntís backyard. Heís also concerned about the effect she has on him. Sheís stunning, and he canít get her out of his head or his heart.

Cara is also attracted to Nick, but sheís not sure sheís ready for such a risk, not when thereís a homicidal maniac still obsessed with her, a crazed man who is killing simply to get her attention. She canít allow herself to get close to anyone. She wonít see anyone hurt again.

The killer isnít the only person out to get Cara though. Without meaning to, sheís made a few enemies in her new town, and these few will do anything to be rid of her, even conspiring with an unknown enemy.

A good romance novel is not always easy to find. It needs a lovely heroine and a charming hero. The criteria demands that they both have outstanding character development - meaning the characters should be likeable and capable of inspiring emotion from the readers. A gripping tale of suspense requires a riveting story line, centered on a pulse-racing situation. The plot should be extremely well crafted as well as original and entertaining. If you think itís impossible to find an excellent combination of both romance and suspense, then Youíve Got Another Thing Cominí!

I particularly loved the way Cara learned to fight back, not only physically but also emotionally by giving to others. I would love to have two guys like Curly and Moe in my corner. The only issue I had with this story dealt with some of Cara's philanthropic ventures. A few of them were just too much to believe.

Some novels you put on the bookshelf and forget they are there. Iím putting this one on my bedside table. Bravo Karen Cotton!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Natasha.

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