by Cindy Miles

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0451224392
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Present Day, Scottish Highlands

With a huge case of writer’s block, novelist Amelia Landry takes her best friend and agent ZuZu’s advice, and goes on a much needed r & r to the Scottish highlands. With Amelia’s love for the scary and paranormal a stay in a 14th century haunted tower was right up her ally. With only an elderly caretaker in residence, and a legend of the Bloody Munro, the keep’s onetime laird who was said to have murdered his wife and then disappeared, Amelia was set to let her writer’s imagination loose. Soon Amelia starts having “sensations” and strange dreams. She hears whispers from the Munro himself, and then Amelia is shocked when the man reveals himself to her, along with several of his kinsmen!

14th Century, Munro Keep

To keep peace with the rival MacEwan clan, Laird Ethan Munro has wed their chieftain’s niece. When Ethan’s bride turns up missing and then found murdered with Ethan’s plaid and sword near her body, the two clans quickly begin fighting. A strange mist appears, and Ethan and several of his clansmen are trapped in its eerie darkness. 700 years have passed with no end in sight for the Munros’ dilemma. They are invisible to most, and exist without substance except for one hour during the day, the gloaming at twilight. The strange lass that has arrived from America seems to be able to see and hear them, perhaps she is the key to their freedom from the enchantment spell they are under. Ethan hopes Amelia can help, but somewhere along the way they begin to fall for each other. There is terrible danger lurking dark and evil that threatens Amelia’s life and jeopardizes Ethan and his kin from ever being free. The malevolent force will reach out from the grave to keep the Highland Knight enchanted and away from his newfound love!

Cindy Miles keeps her hot streak going with another sure fire winner in paranormal reading with Highland Knight. There’s mystery, romance, sexy mystical highland warriors who love to eat junk food, watch DVDs, listen to iPod music, and practice Tae Kwon Do! Ethan will melt your heart with his sexy swagger and befuddlement as to how to deal with a 21st century woman. Amelia is a take no garbage girl who has six pack abs, and can boss around six huge medieval warriors even besting them in martial art fighting! Highland Knight is pure delight!

Reviewed in June 2008 by Bonnie.

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