by Michelle Levigne

February 2008
ISBN: 978-1-58749-654-7
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The story Los Cielos is about a place surrounded by myth, magic, and legend. Lita has been raised all of her life on the stories surrounding the place and her own role in restoring it to itís prime. The land has been cursed for generations due to a feud long ago in the family. Lita is betrothed to one of the brothers descended down from the other side of the feud. Together the two family lines shall join and restore the land to its bountiful state.

The problem is a place like Los Cielos inspires the wrong attributes in some people. And one of the three brothers is greedy and manipulative and will do anything to earn his rightful place as heir to the land. Even if it means shedding the blood of his own brothers. Esteban will stop at nothing to claim not only Los cielos but Lita, if need be, as she is an integral part of the legend of restoring the wine yards.

A bit difficult to get into, as the story line is very complex. Shrouding itself in mystery, instead of being intrigued itís almost a chore to get past the first few chapters. However, once one does they will find themselves immersed in the ease with which the romance between Lita and Eduardo, the youngest brother plays itself out. Especially when the oldest Emmanuel comes back into her life, and she is still pursued for her birthright by Esteban.

The end result of trudging through some of the more confusing parts of the story is well worth it. Though at times towards the end of the book, it felt almost too contrived to be believable to the reader, it made for a happy ending for all. And that in the long run, is worth giving this book a shot on a long, cold winter night.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Katy.

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