by Treva Harte

August 2002
ISBN: 1-84360-051-x
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The Deviants is my third read by Treva Harte, and I must admit they just keep getting better! Ms. Harte jumps from one premise from one story to the next with fluid ease, this well-rounded author had me rolling on the floor in gales of laughter with her take on the future!

While in a bar with a friend, Victoria (Tory) is over heard claiming she wishes men were on another planet (this reader giggled at exactly how many times she’s wished that herself)! Sometimes you get what you wish for….

Through a series of events you’ll have to read for yourself, Tory wakes up to find herself in Tierra, a planet with only female inhabitants! Two very nice, but meddling women have decided Tory will work out just fine in their world, so they recruit her to become a sperm trader!

On Tierra in Femmeland, women are lesbians and only interact with men to collect their sperm. In this version of the future men and women have decided they’re better off without each other.

The idea that Tory may be the perfect trader has to do with the fact that being an Earthling, Tory mingles with men on a daily basis, so she won’t find collecting sperm from them as traumatizing as her new fellow Femmelanders do. Tory doesn’t have many choices at her disposal, so as they say: when in Tierra...! On her first sperm collection, she meets the very hunky Aric, and what follows is a laugh out loud, lip smacking good time!

Aric, an Androvian is a Femme Trader on an all male planet, a ten year veteran of the sperm-trading racquet. His secret - he loves women, and takes the assignments just for the pleasure of seeing them!

When he meets Tory to trade sperm, he’s beyond himself with the hope that she might want him too! Aric knows very little about women, but in the discovery stage, he is simply adorable. Messing with a woman can mean big trouble for an Androvian, so Aric and Tory head out to No-Land, where deviants (those who mingle with the opposite sex) reign supreme! Problems arise for the couple, and they must find a way to solve them together. What will Tory do if she can’t get back to earth? What will Aric do if his fellow Androvians find out he’s not part of the “he-man woman haters club”? And then there’s that heterosexual problem Tory’s having on a planet full of lesbians!

These two are so perfect for one another; I cheered for them the entire book! Their first sexual encounter wasn’t only scorching, it was a hoot! Aric thinks he may die if he can’t “get inside her” and then wonders, can a man get inside a woman? The role reversal between the two is classic - Aric has been with men a bit too long, but he’s liking the discoveries he’s making about women.

Aric is every woman’s dream come true, he actually wants to understand Tory, and he spends plenty of time getting to know her inside as well as out! Their lovemaking is wild and hot, slow and sweet, and the best part about Aric is, he’s a complete novice in all matters pertaining to women. The planet itself is a throwback to the fifties described in vividly funny detail, including the idea that everything old is new again.

I thoroughly enjoy Ms Harte’s concepts, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she’s unique, fresh and a whole lot of fun! I love a completely outlandish plot, and all the unique ways this author finds to create startling images and thought provoking concepts. A great ride from beginning to end is what you’ll get from The Deviants!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Connie.

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