by Treva Harte

July 2002
ISBN: 1-84360-165-6
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His Mistress by Treva Harte is a delicious morsel of two tales expertly woven into one! Quality writing at itís best, a glimpse of the past and present intertwined with sensual, lovemaking that will melt your heart.

We begin our tale in modern day with Mercy who is present at her twin brother Lukeís death. Distraught and weary from the pressures of caring for her dying twin, a nurse offers her a sedative, and Mercy gladly accepts. Mercy dreams vividly of another time and place where a forbidden love awaits her, and seems all too real.

The Mercy Baines of 1775, has just lost her husband, gained two apprentices, and acquired her husbands printing business. While Mercy grieves her husbandís loss, she is relieved that his suffering has ended, as well as her own.

While the two were companions, Mercy was never rewarded with much satisfaction in the marriage bed. Mercy begins to enjoy her new status as widowed, and so does one of her apprentices!

James is the sweet, but strong apprentice, younger than Mercy; he has desired her from afar for sometime. When James makes Mercy aware of his feelings he unleashes pent up desires in her she didnít know existed.

They begin an affair, hindered by the fact that Mercy is Jamesí mistress, and indentured to her for another year. Mercy is enjoying her freedom as a widow, and an unfettered joy in her new sexual awareness with James has surfaced.

A timeless love unfolds with the Mercy of the present and the past, a twist or two in the plot, stirred up the right amount of curiosity for this reader.

Ms. Harteís prose is simple, and straightforward, a rare jewel indeed! A sense of humor appears when James finds himself in a precarious situation, yet another facet to be explored from a well rounded author.

Clear and concise with every turn of the page, a slow, subtle journey to a smoldering love kept alive for centuries. If passion, and awakenings are what spark your interest, this reader highly recommends His Mistress!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Connie.

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