by Christina Dodd

July 2008
ISBN: 978-0-451-22451-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

On the border between Tibet and Nepal

Every night he comes to her tent and makes hot pleasuring love to her. Karen Sonnet wasn’t sure if her “dream lover” was real or something that this mystical place made her lonely heart conjure up. Motherless, and raised strictly by her father to be strong and ruthless like him, Karen knew no love in her life. Karen’s father, entrepreneur Jackson Sonnet, sent her to build his next extreme hotel at the base of Mount Anaya in the Himalayas. Shrouded in legend and eerie rumblings, the mountain collapses and Karen races from the site. A strange man appears on a motorcycle and Karen recognizes her knight in shining armor as her dream lover, and is ecstatic that he is real. But her elation soon turns to horror when her lover is revealed to be one of the areas most coldblooded mercenaries, and he makes her his love slave!

He is known now only as Warlord. Adrik Wilder is cursed by his family’s dark secret, he is a predator that stalks its prey, and Karen is his prize. His eyes are as jet black as his long unkempt hair and his dark soul. Seeing Karen Sonnet when she had arrived, Warlord knew he had to have her. She was the key to his redemption, he could sense it. Turning her into his prisoner, Warlord refuses to release Karen. Then the evil Varinskis arrive, and Warlord must choose between seeking his revenge against his enemies or reclaiming his black soul, either way Karen must keep him from returning Into the Shadow!

Into the Shadow is the next in the Darkness Chosen series by Christina Dodd, who doesn’t miss a single sizzling beat in telling us Adrik Wilder’s story. Unlike his brothers, Adrik had defied his patriarch, and succumbs to the dark side of his nature, but yearns for salvation and finds it with Karen. Karen crosses the thin line between love and hate with Warlord. These books need to be read in order, they can’t stand alone so if you have not read the first two, Scent of Darkness, and Touch of Darkness what are you waiting for?

Reviewed in June 2008 by Bonnie.

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