by Belinda Palmer

October 2002
ISBN: 1-59088-131-1
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Normally I do not read a sci-fi book. They just do not hold my interest enough to keep reading them - that is the futuristic ones at least. But Exiled Treasure did hold my interest from the beginning and held it until the very end.

We get to meet Angel Wright. Angel is timid and scared of almost anything and everything. That is, until she rescues Gian Daushur from his crash landing on her property. Not only does she get in over her head with Gian, as she is his sole caretaker to get him well again, she isnít sure what she is doing but hopes that she is doing it right. Nevertheless, she calls in a family friend who is a doctor to tell her what needs to be done.

Gian Daushur is from another planet where they are scholars. They donít fight, argue or use pronouns. Since he is a scholar and had never done physical labor before, he is skinny, but soon after working with the horses, he starts to get buff.

Angel is still involved with her ex-husband; they loved each other but couldnít live together. Eric, her ex-husband was a control freak and she couldnít take it anymore. But that didnít stop them from doing anything they did before they were divorced. Let's just say that all stopped once Gian made his interest obvious.

This is a very wonderful read of two people who are totally different from one another, let alone from two different planets, who fall in love. And fall in love they did. Angel has issues she must deal with, like Eric and her business partner and friend, Kristen.

It was fun to see Angel break some of Gianís habits and he becomes more human like. But also Gian was showing Angel things she didnít know existed about herself and they both learned from each other.

Ms. Palmer has written a story that I didnít want to see end. There are several different small plots that are going on in the story with the secondary characters that I want to find out about. Not only was the story fast paced, but also it had some very funny moments, as well as some sad, angry, happy and joyful ones.

If sci-fi isnít your normal cup of tea, donít let that stop you from reading and enjoying Exiled Treasure. I will be on the lookout for more from Ms. Palmer hoping I see more of the secondary characters from this story.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Pam.

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