by Michelle Hasker

October 2007
ISBN: 978-1-60168-066-2
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Tara has hidden her powers from everyone in her life. Only Cody, owner of the Del Fantasma bar, knows her secret. When Tara is approached by Chase, a vampire, she can tell that he wants her but he scares her as well. As a result, she turns to the one person she swore not to get close to.

Brandon has done his best to be what Tara wants. He knows she doesn’t like Alphas and tries to be a Beta. But changing who he is isn’t getting him his mate. When he receives a call from Cody to come stake his claim, Brandon can’t get there fast enough. He knows what and who he wants, but can he convince Tara that they are destined to be mates?

In a world that has been created by different and talented authors, there is one constant I’ve found...these women know how to write a fast-paced romance with intrigue thrown in. Screaming Orgasm is no different. While there is some history between Tara and Brandon, their “coming together” happens overnight. Yet it isn’t unbelievable. Brandon is your typical Alpha were, he fights for his mate no mater how many times she’s turned him down. His alpha nature also allows him to accept exactly who and what Tara truly is. Tara is terrified of taking another innocent life and as a result has made her self a loner. She’s happy for a one night stand but a life time commitment scares her to death. She is a heartbreaking character when you really think about her situation. With a bit of danger, a knight in shining armor saving the day, and a whole lot of screaming orgasms, you’ll find that this is a great, fast read.

Reviewed in February 2008 by Vikky.

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