by Nancy Warren

February 2003
ISBN: 0-737-69115-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #915
Mass Market Paperback

Where Nancy Warren’s Duets story, Shotgun Nanny, quoted and felt like a romantic comedy of Hollywood’s Golden Era, her new Temptation title, Hot Off The Press plays at the movies.

Pasqualie, Washington has two daily newspapers. Tess Elliot, daughter of a very rich and important man, and Mike Grundel, recently demoted reporter from the wrong side of the tracks, are the town’s rival movie reviewers.

Mike might think her to be hot but still no more than a very proper little rich girl… but Tess knows better. When Mike dares to tease her one time too often, she challenges him to a bet. She will have a front page printed before him. The stakes are high, if the kiss to seal the bet with is anything to go by. It’s raw, sexy and dangerous! I do so understand Tess’s fascination with Mike, the forbidden, the unknown, the rough around the edges. He drives a motorbike!

As a seasoned journalist Mike feels sure of himself and the bet, already working on a story on corruption and greed, which will return him to the newsroom. Thing is, he doesn’t know Tess is about to come in on his story and trying to beat him at his own game.

Nancy Warren writes her characters with heart, her Temptation might not be overly steamy, but it is sizzling and for more there are always her Blaze releases. Wait! It’s Tess and Mike’s romance, the way they enter a work relationship, turn into a team and then fall in love that is so beautiful and worth your reading time. No quirky secondary characters in this story, no big fights or misunderstandings, “only” a very delightful love story.

Hot Off The Press is a wonderful story of how two journalist unravel a mystery and find the courage to stand up for their dreams and feelings. I didn’t want to leave the characters behind and do hope to see them again soon.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Kris Alice.

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