by Melissa James

February 2003
ISBN: 0-373-27276-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1206
Mass Market Paperback

Who Do You Trust? by Melissa James is emotional, very sensual, about taking risks and with a reunion and best friends theme. Pace is slowed down to her previous roller coaster ride of a book, Her Galahad. No more am I left behind and out of breath. But it stays powerful and beautiful in its intense moments of danger and love.

Mitch McCluskey joined the Air Force when Melissa Carroll started dating and stayed away while she was married to his best friend. But after years of living with danger as a member of a select group of international troubleshooters, Nighthawks, he returns to his two sons only to discover that Melissa is divorced and free. All through their friendship he was afraid not to be good enough, but now, when she is looking after his sons and doesnít want to give up her mother role to them, he hits on the perfect solution. Marriage!

But Melissa is not having it. No perfect solution for her, thank you very much. She wants to hear and feel the words of love, caring and commitment. So he needs to set out to win her heart and to prove his love. But when he does declares his need to be with her, she faces more doubts. What is he? How can she trust this man? And who is after him and not averse to using her?

The characters grow and are forced to redefine their feelings for each other and what they are based on, and all that while being chased across a small island overrun by rebels. The heroine is especially intriguing, afraid to trust and, as a result, to love and live. One moment she is a caring and protective mother bear, the next she is a free and fearless hawk. One moment she is fearful and definitely a victim, the nest demanding and challenging. But always she is a perfect match to her hero.

Melissa James left me in suspense with a story that definitely wasnít predictable. With a slow start, which allowed me to ease into the story, the danger, the mistrust and the sexual tension, she then went on to hit me hard, fast and with no mercy. Keeping me captive on every page and cheering on Melissa and Mitch. No matter if during their sessions of pseudo-sex or their run through the Jungle.

Who Do You Trust? is not a pretty story, but full of anger, violent feelings and cravings. Itís real. At least it feels real! Itís very deep, very satisfying and very much a book I love and want to recommend.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Kris Alice.

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