by Pamela Klein

April 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-359-4
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Jenna Swain is a commercial photographer who really enjoys her work. She is highly sought after and has her own studio where she and partner, Drew Tate, make magic happen.

While fulfilling an obligation to Todayís Sports magazine to photograph world class cowboys, Jenna meets handsome and dynamic Luke Campbell, an exceptional rider and roper. She finds his smile engaging, and Luke is attracted to her beauty and intelligence. The two feel a strong connection and begin spending time together.

Jenna has a huge problem. She canít seem to break the glass ceiling of the rodeo circuit. Many areas behind the scenes are closed to her. She knows that the one picture she needs to complete her assignment is there behind those doors. If she canít get through the doors as a woman, Jenna will do it as a man. With Drewís help, she disguises her womanly assets and is able to experience the rodeo first hand as Jamie Frame, male photographer.

Meanwhile, Drew has her own problems. The only way she can make it through the day is by using drugs. Her behavior is becoming erratic and unpredictable. The drugs are slowly taking over her life.

While undercover, Jenna ends up in the worst of all places, at the scene of a murder. She becomes the prime suspect in the death of one Lukeís friends, Denny McIntyre. Denny has lots of enemies though, including Beau Crenshaw, a cowboy who will do anything to end his season at the top, and Sheryl, an ex-girlfriend whom he has betrayed.

Panicking, Jenna attempts to flee the scene of the crime, but before she can make her escape, she is seen by a television reporter. Jamie Frame is now wanted for murder. Not sure how to explain her actions and afraid that she will be tried for a murder she did not commit, Jenna does not go to the police. Her plan is to find the real murderer and clear her name.

Can she do it before she herself faces the electric chair and will her relationship with Luke crumble when he realizes the extent of her deception?

While reading the story, I discovered a few editing errors, which temporarily distracted me from the novel. I also felt that sometimes the book attempted to overfeed, in the sense that there was too much going on. There were so many characters in addition to an abundance of minor issues, which didnít quite manage to completely merge into the main story.

Even with those distractions, I thought this book was a good read. A good story is like a good stew; it involves a lot of tasty ingredients. Chef Klein cooks a good meal and holds nothing back. Her characters are filled with spice, and her dialogue is chopped with flavor. I was caught up in the suspense and honestly had no idea who the murderer was. I look forward to seeing more of Pam Kleinís work.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Natasha.

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