by Nancy Warren

May 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7582-1045-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Chloe Flynt realizes that it is easier for her to get out of a bad relationship than to stay in something that she cannot commit to. Can she make a living at helping others break up relationships? If so, where shall she start this new business? The London area or is a move in order? What do her friends and family suggest?

With the help of her family, a few phone calls, and a plane ticket Chloe is on her way to Austin, Texas. This is the last time they will help her so she needs to learn to take care of herself. After arriving she meets her landlord and neighbor Matthew Tanner who is a former police officer. Matthew now flips homes and the one next door is up for rent. There is an attraction between these two, but they have nothing in common - so they think! Also Matthew has a girlfriend who wants to hire Chloe and when Matt finds out...sparks fly.

Nancy Warren,The One That I Want is a funny and romantic book. At on point Matthew thinks Chloe has an escort business or something like it. You will find yourself laughing out loud. There are other secondary characters who Chloe helps to realize they need her help to make themselves happy. It is a must read!

Reviewed in April 2008 by Theresa.

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