by Geralyn Dawson

ISBN: 978-0-373-77293-3
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Mass Market Paperback


Fort Worth, Texas

They say he is the luckiest guy in Texas, but famed range detective Logan Grey knows different. Logan has lost everyone in his life he has ever loved, and has drifted from one doomed relationship to another. Celebrating his latest victory over bringing in the bad guys at the home of one of his colleagues, Logan is stunned to see the same sultry golden haired violet eyed virago who aided him in bringing down the outlaws during that morning’s bank robbery, storm the dinner party and announce to all present that she was his long forgotten wife, Caroline Kilpatrick Grey! HUH? How could that be, if Grey were married to this luscious female, he would have remembered!

Caroline Kilpatrick Grey was a young girl when she had first laid eyes on Logan Grey the adventurous teen boy from the nearby orphan home who stole her first kiss. Her debt ridden father needed Caroline’s inheritance, so he plotted to have Logan “marry” Caroline in what was thought by Grey to be a phony wedding. Taking his pleasure from the naïve young Caro and leaving her in their wedding bed, Grey grabbed the money her father had promised and never looked back. Caroline later found herself orphaned and alone with child. With no where else to go she had taken a position in the home of former outlaws Suzanne and Ben Whitaker and they became the loving parents Caroline never really had. Suzanne has died, and Ben takes off to recover a legendary treasure buried in outlaw infested Black Shadow Canyon. Desperate, Caroline needs Logan to find Ben, and she will do anything to accomplish that, even lie, cheat, and make love to the famed gunman. Together they battle outlaws, hunt for gold and discover a love they could no longer deny. Grey fights his new found happiness, and the ultimate clash is still to be won. Can Caroline bring The Loner what he never had,...a true family?

Geralyn Dawson knows her stuff when it comes to writing action-packed romance filled western stories, and delivers it to us with The Loner, the kick-off to her new series The Good Luck Grooms. The Loner lassos in some familiar faces and mixes them with an original hero and heroine that will knock you off your horse! Yahoo for The Loner!

Reviewed in April 2008 by Bonnie.

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