by Beth Ciotta

July 2008
ISBN: 9781933836041
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

The Fall of Rome is the third book in the Wild West Adventure series and reunites us with the Garrett family.

After a sex scandal involving another mans wife, Rome Garrett finds himself in disgrace. Even though his brothers love him, they too are getting tired of his drinking and womanizing. While sitting in a jail cell, Rome makes a promise to himself that if he gets out of there hell give up philandering, whiskey and thinking of Kat. When Rome is offered the chance to redeem himself by working with the Peacemaker Alliance, he quickly agrees. Hes more than anxious to take down cold blooded killer Bull's-eye Brady. And teaming up with Kat will give him the opportunity to show her how much it hurts to lose the one you love.

Kat Simmons has been living under the alias of Jane Murdock for the past six years, fearing the day Bull's-eye Brady finds her. Shes given up her cardsharp ways and now owns a small saloon. When asked to help lure Bulls-eye, she accepts. Shes nervous about being reuinited with Rome, the only man shes ever loved. But she needs to put the past behind so she can protect her niece Frankie.

Both Rome and Kat are surprised by the changes in the other and quickly realize their feelings for each other are just as strong as before. Little do they know Bulls-eye still holds a powerful grudge against both of them and has plans of his own.

A secondary romance makes this book that much better as one of Romes other brothers unexpectedly finds love in a woman whom isnt exactly what she seems. While the Fall of Rome isn't as lighthearted as previous books, a trait weve come to expect from this author, its still a very enjoyable story that fans and newcomers alike wont want to miss.

Reviewed in June 2008 by Jackie.

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