by Kendra Leigh Castle

May 2008
ISBN: 1-4022-1158-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Carly Silver discovers an injured dog one night at the romance bookstore she owns. The dog is huge and possibly dangerous, but she canít stand the idea of leaving it alone to die in the snowstorm. Carly takes the dog home with her and tends to his wounds. Then the impossible happens. The ďdogĒ disappears and in its place is a man. A gorgeous nude man.

Gideon MacInnes is a werewolf from the Highlands of Scotland. He is now in America thinking about his future as the Alpha of his clan and all that it involves. He is out for a run when he is viciously attacked. Gideon is able to make his way to Carlyís bookstore and find in her a guardian angel. Itís possible he has also found his mate.

Gideon believes the werewolves who attacked him were led by his rogue cousin. Malachi wants to take over the clan and steal the Stone of Destiny which Gideonís clan guards. Gideon must return home and heís bringing Carly with him.

The attraction between Carly and Gideon is nearly overpowering. The two fight the hunger they have for one another. The fact that Carly is human is enough to make Gideon bring his urges under control. It is not easy but history has taught him that it is highly possible Carly cannot survive The Bite.

An evil threat, worse than Gideon could ever have imagined, rears its ugly head. Now itís up to Carly and Gideon to save everyone and keep the Stone of Destiny in its rightful place.

Call of the Highland Moon begins a series by new author Kendra Leigh Castle and is a fresh take on the werewolf story. It is suspenseful, yet the love story is still there. I wanted to love this story. Scottish Highlands and werewolves are two of my favorite themes. Although the book had its moments, I was never truly able to lose myself in Carly and Gideonís story. A few parts were confusing and at times slow.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Rho.

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