by Patti O`Shea

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7653-5580-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Maia Frasier was a Gilean troubleshooter before ceding her powers 7 years ago, in order to prevent her sister from having to hunt her down and kill her. She had slipped to the “dark” side of magic and gotten involved with a demon; although she didn’t know he was a demon at the time. She has since lived her life as normal as possible for someone who is considered an “outsider” by her entire race…..until she comes home one day and finds a wounded Creed Blackwood watching TV.

Creed Blackwood is a Gilean rover troubleshooter who has been having some problems lately and needs a place to stay and heal. Maia’s house is the best he can come up with even though he should report to Maia’s sister, Ryne. Problem is Maia doesn’t want him there and he’s sure that Ryne won’t put him up, even though they had been friends for years. What Creed and Maia don’t know is that Maia’s “demon” and Creed’s problems are closely related in a very bad way! Now how are they going to eliminate the problem?

In Twilight’s Shadow by Patti O’Shea has a most interesting plot that held my interest. My problem was with the hero and heroine. Maia’s obsession with “protecting” her sister, who has very strong magic compared to Maia who has no magic, is very close to ludicrous. I understood the love she had for her sister but she just wasn’t logical. Maia would have been better off warning her sister instead of trying to go up against a demon thousands of years old. For most of the book, Creed is just a tad too selfish for me to feel anything but disdain for him. These characters did not leave me with that “feel good” feeling at the end of the book! Unfortunately, I didn’t care much what happened to them!

Reviewed in September 2008 by PamL.

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