by Lara Adrian

April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-440-24444-8
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Mass Market Paperback

When the Breed warriors discovered the cave containing the open crypt that once held an Ancient, they knew that their battle with the Rogues had taken a bad turn. If the Ancient was awakened and revitalized, it could do serious damage to both Breed and humankind. Rio volunteered to stay behind to destroy the crypt and seal the cave from curious hikers who might come that way. What his brethren did not realize was that Rio had no intention of surviving the blast. The agony of his life was too great to continue. At least he would die serving his comrades. All of the injuries he suffered at the hands of his betraying mate would not be in vain. He appreciated all that they had done to keep him alive, but he no longer wanted to live. Death would bring peace to his tortured soul.

Dylan Alexander had not planned to spend her vacation hiking through the Czech Republic, but her motherís request was impossible to ignore. The cancer survivor was not strong enough to join her friends on the trip, so Dylan would have to be her momís eyes and ears instead. Dylan hoped to capture the moments to share with her mom, but never expected to encounter a ghost along the way. She had not seen one since she was twelve, and the elegant woman standing before her looked completely out of place in the wilderness. It was a strange talent Ė the ability to see the dead, and to hear them Ė but the communication was unfortunately one-way. She could not speak with them or ask questions. Sometimes it was very frustrating, especially since this woman wanted her to save someone. Dylan had no idea what she was talking about.

When she stumbles upon the crypt in the cave, Dylan is stunned to discover that the carvings match a small birthmark she carries. After taking a few pictures she hopes to sell to a newspaper, Dylan encounters the other resident of the cave Ė who appears to be some kind of a demon. But demons arenít real are they? This was definitely not good.

Rio cannot allow this woman to jeopardize their entire existence, especially after he sees the mark that proclaims her as a Breedmate. His suicidal thoughts pushed aside, he must take her back to the compound where Lucan and the others can deal with her.

This fourth installment in Lara Adrianís series offers even more insight into the society of Breeds and their history. The warriors are swept into danger as they not only try to save Dylan but also rescue some young women who have been kidnapped by Rogues. The romance between Rio and Dylan seems a bit improbable at times, but sometimes circumstances push people in unusual directions. Rio desperately needs something to believe in, and Dylan has a core of integrity that is hard to ignore. Fans of the series will be glad to see a happy ending for Rio after all he has suffered. I look forward to the next book.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Paula.

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