by Jaide Fox

January 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60394-128-0
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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Rough and rugged, Rob Nash is a great undercover cop. He throws himself into the job and looks it. But clean him up and Nash is the thing wild fantasies are made of. Sleek and savvy, Dirk Rambo is also a great cop and also a thing of fantasy. Of course, Nash and Rambo are nemesisís, what do you expect from the top two cops. Normally, they work alone, but now they are being thrown together to find out who was blackmailing a late councilwoman. Together these two must act as pleasure-droids and infiltrate the Social Club, a bordello that serves the wealthy and powerful women their city has to offer.

Chloe never meant to run the type of business she now owns. It started off as an errand company but suddenly she found her employees acting as escorts. After firing them, her company almost hit rock bottom. Quickly realizing that she must swallow her morals in order to rebuild her business, Chloe starts buying pleasure droids and obtains a bordello license. Her two newest droids are so realistic she starts to have the strangest feelings of need and excitement when they are around. Total opposites, Chloe decides to train them as a set and ends up spending more time with them than she really should. When little things start adding up, Chloe starts wondering if her new droids are too real.

Jaide Foxís Sexdroid II is full of heat, testosterone, and (mostly due to the testosterone) quite a bit of humor. Nash and Rambo are almost juvenile in their constant bickering with each otherÖ but I loved it. They are both very strong willed men and set in their ways. Told mostly from their point of view, this story brings a fresh and almost painfully funny look into what men can go through. They are waxed in the most improper places and then forced to constantly withhold their own pleasures. Chloe is sweet and naive in that she doesnít see whatís going on around her, but who can blame her distraction with these two men around. The endingÖ I would have liked more closure between the men and Chloe but itís a given. Iíve always found Ms. Foxís books to be extremely pleasurable and this was didnít disappoint.

Reviewed in April 2008 by Vikky.

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