by Jack Buchanan

January 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60168-080-8
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Adam Bates wakes up in big trouble. He can’t remember why but the way his apartment is torn up and he’s hurting, he knows he’s got to go. Lucky for him safety is at his job… Adam’s moved to San Diego and gotten a job at Del Fantasma, he’s in desperate need to not lose that job. More so now that his landlord is threatening him and has already started taking action against him.

Marcus Black is about to leave the Del Fantasma -- God he hates the smell of Coyote – when he suddenly smells mate. Marcus searches the crowd and finds an abused kitten limping his way to the bar. Marcus knows that the kitty is skittish and probably won’t appreciate belonging to someone, but his wolf doesn’t care… it howls for Adam to be his. The one thing Marcus knows is that he will protect Adam at all costs.

Jade Buchanan’s contribution to the Del Fantasma series is a good one. Black Wolf is a very quick read (a plus in my busy life) with out losing anything in the process. It’s a very fast flowing, smooth story with closure in a day’s time. While normally, I don’t understand how a couple can come together so quickly, Ms. Buchanan ties everyone together and creates such smooth transitions that one doesn’t notice the lack of “getting to know you” time. Adam is very timid and lacks confidence. This is brought about by his lifestyle being against his father’s wishes. Yet with Marcus, he feels secure to be a strong, confident person. Marcus struggles with his alpha side to show Adam that he’s not out to eat him but to love, cherish and protect him.

If you only have a bit of time and are wanting a quick, hot read… you most defiantly need to chose Del Fantasma: Black Wolf!

Reviewed in February 2008 by Vikky.

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