by Diann Mills

February 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-137601-6
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Marianne Phillips has never agreed to her fatherís treatment of the poor mestizos who inhabit Texas. He plans to kill them, especially their leader, and take over their land. On the other hand, the rebel leader, Armando Garcia wants to run Marianneís father, and the family, off the land.

When Marianne is captured to be held as ransom, the rebels hope that he will trade the land for his daughterís life. But Marianneís papa never seems to have cared for his daughter, and certainly he didnít make any effort to save her.

Armando is falling in love with Marianne and is facing a difficult decision now. Kill her, as he vowed if the father doesnít come, keep her with him and his people forever, or release her and risk losing both his love and his land, forever.

Awaken My Heart is one of the better historical romances I read this year. It has enough tension to keep the pages turning. Armando is a true hero, even though heís a rebel, kind and caring, both of his people and of his captive. Marianne is strong and courageous, ready to take on both rebel leaders and devil stallions.

The faith message is strong but not preachy, and the plot, setting, and characters are strong. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, based loosely on real Texas history. If you like history and romance, you wonít want to miss this book. Discussion questions are included at the end.

Reviewed in February 2008 by Laura.

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