by Delilah Devlin

March 2008
ISBN: 978-0061161247
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Trade Paperback

In this sequel to Into the Darkness an evil has been unleashed on New Orleans after the flooding waters of hurricane Katrina opens its prison. Nicolas Mountfaucon has spent centuries guarding the monster and now fears all hell as broken loose. He’s also trying to win the love of Chessa Tomas, who is still mourning over losing her partner Rene to another woman.

Chessa loses herself with Nicholas when he masters her body. He seems to understand what she needs even better than she does herself. But when they aren’t in bed, they can’t seem to get along. When assigned a new partner, she finds herself working along side sexy Alex, and wondering just what he is.

Throughout the story we see into Nicolas’ past, and learn how he became a vampire and how he came to be the guardian of “the Destroyer”.

This series definitely needs to be read in order if you want to understand all the complexities of the vampire society. Reoccurring characters are also better understood if you know their past history.

Once again the romance takes a backseat to a gritty vampire tale, although sex is a large part of the story. These vampires aren’t monogamous though that’s not to say they can’t love. This book includes ménage and anal sex scenes, but despite the books darkness the scenes are very sensual. The ending certainly leaves us wanting more and hopefully the next release isn’t too far away.

Reviewed in February 2008 by Jackie.

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