by Julia Quinn

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-087610-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Author Juila Quinn is once again hitting the shelves with a new book. This one, however, has nothing to do with Bridgertons, Lady Whistledown, or any of her other beloved characters. But the new characters she introduces will not disappoint readers at all.

In the first of a two-book duet, we are introduced to the Dowager Duchess of Wyndham. This formidable lady is the daughter of a duke, who married a duke and then lived long enough to lose a husband and three sons, leaving her grandson as the current duke. She reigns his home with a demanding hand, often at the expense of her dutiful companion, Grace Eversleigh.

Grace really doesn’t mind being at the dowager’s beck and call. After all, if she did not have this position, she would be alone in the world. When a fever killed both her parents, Grace was completely lost until the dowager arrived to take her home. She is very grateful to have somewhere to live, and has become friends with Thomas, the duke. She has also made friends with the daughters of a local nobleman, Elizabeth and Amelia.

Being accosted by a highwayman would be enough to upset the most even-tempered of women, but this particular bandit has sent the dowager into a fit of pique. She acts like she knows him, and she wants to know his name! Grace is wondering if she has lost her mind.

Jack Audley has only been in the district a few days, but now he is wondering if it is a mistake. That old woman has rattled his composure, raving about being a Cavendish. The trouble is, his name used to be Cavendish, before he took to the highways. Even though it may seal his doom, he is going to go to Belgrave Castle and see what it all means.

In a story that will keep readers enthralled to the final page, The Lost Duke of Wyndham is a triumph. Filled with laugh-out-loud humor and plenty of emotional punch, this book meets every expectation I have for a Julia Quinn novel. Waiting until October for the second book will be extremely difficult.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Paula.

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