by Jacquelyn Frank

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8217-8068-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Banding together in pursuit of a common enemy, the Nightwalkers are carefully forging alliances that will give the various races more security and support. Their goal of capturing the rogue demon Ruth remains at the forefront, but the newly-discovered library must also be addressed. It is filled with ancient texts from all the races, and must be examined and also protected from further destruction.

When Damien, the Vampire King, escorts his companion and friend Jasmine to the Library, he encounters Syreena, the Lycanthrope princess. She is a compelling woman, with her bi-colored features and stately grace. He cannot resist ruffling her composure with some flirtatious teasing.

Syreena will be the first to admit that Damien is a beautiful man. More solidly built than many of his subjects, he projects an image of strength and power. She is strangely drawn to him, and is always more aware when he is nearby. When she overreacts to his comments about the lack of security, she heads into one of the caverns for solitude.

Damien is not exactly sure why he feels the urge to follow her, it is unusual, even for him. By the time he heads down the right path, Syreena is in mortal danger, and only he can save her.

The Nightwalkers have already been through a lot in this series, and the action just keeps going up a notch with every new book. Author Jacquelyn Frank knows how to keep her readers hooked with plenty of suspense and great characters. I cannot wait for Noah’s story, and the addition of the Shadowdwellers promises more to come.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Paula.

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