by Lynsay Sands

February 2008
ISBN: 978-0061229695
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

The Argeneau family is in turmoil. Marguerite and her companion, Tiny, have disappeared while on private detective case. Thomas Argeneau was raised by Marguerite and feels she is more his mother than aunt. He is in a position to leave Canada and try to track down his missing aunt before some tragedy befalls her. At the insistence of one of his cousins, Thomas takes the competent business vice-president, Inez Urso, with him on this quest. Inez has been working for the family for a good many years, but she does not realize that they are vampires until Thomas bites her right before they leave for their trip. It is not really painful, but actually rather exciting. Still Inez is stunned and Thomas is unable to erase the episode from Inez's memory as vampires can usually do with mortals. Thomas' cousin had encouraged him to use Inez's blood as a little "snack" to tide him over during their trip so he would not bite a stranger. Modern vampires generally use blood banks for their everyday meals, but sometime deliveries are delayed.

Thomas confers with his cousin about the difficulty in erasing Inez's. They both realize the reason for this is Inez is meant to be Thomas' life-mate. A life-mate is perfect for the immortal, but cannot be controlled or have her thoughts read. Thomas does not want to further freak out Inez as they start on their journey, so he does not tell her the whole truth of the situation. There will be time later to see if she is willing to be "turned" and spend all eternity with him.

Inez and Thomas are both frustrated as they always seem to be a step behind on their search for Aunt Marguerite as they travel to several international cites. Equally frustrating is their being thwarted at every turn at not being able to consummate their passion that has grown white hot. Can eternal love survive the danger and intrigue that surrounds them?

Inez is a highly skilled woman when it comes to business, but has some serious self-confidence issues when it comes to her looks and desirability. Thomas may be a vampire, but he is basically a good man, who has learned from years of experience just what to say and do to make women feel comforted. Their chemistry is evident from the start and the author has written a tender love story within the paranormal context.

I have read some, but not all, of Ms.Sands' Argeneau vampire novels. She has cleverly woven in details about the other members of the family, so the reader is able to jump right into the action of this current book. I know readers will appreciate the Family Tree chart provided in the front of the book. I always find these helpful in following family sagas.

Ms. Sands has certainly found success in paranormal tales, which are so popular now. Her large body of work show she can entertain and enlighten readers in a variety of genres. I look forward to all of her future stories.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Roberta.

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