by Erin McCarthy

May 2008
ISBN: 978-0-515-14462-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Gabriel is a Fallen Angel.

In his two years on Earth as a Watcher, he had witnessed every form of human suffering imaginable and after a while, Gabriel’s way of dealing with it was over-indulging in drugs and drink. One night, while he was blissfully under the influence and in the presence of his “kept woman” Anne Donovan, she was brutally murdered and he always feared that he did it.

Fast forward 150 + years and Gabriel is now a true crime writer in New Orleans and he is finally ready to seek out the truth with the help of Forensic Scientist Sara Michaels. Always a loner, Gabriel selected Sara for a couple of reasons – her specialty and the fact that her Mother was just as brutally murdered as Anne had been – as he wants to write a “different” type of book, showing how forensics might have helped solve the mystery of Anne’s murder. However, this is where all the twists and turns come in and it doesn’t help matters that both Gabriel and Sara are withholding information from the other. While Gabriel’s information is much more overwhelming than Sara’s, Sara’s information is crucial to the case while Gabriel’s is crucial to any future the two of them may have.

Ms. McCarthy certainly takes us for a thrill ride in Fallen. Erin McCarthy has written a novel that, I hope, will touch you as it did me – she gives us two incredibly wounded people and shows us that love really can cure all! Life has beaten Gabriel, with his help, and Sara down but they each hang on, barely, until they come into one another’s lives. Once they meet, they each start looking at life through the “other person’s eyes” and realize that it could be much worse for them! This was a departure from Ms. McCarthy’s usual work and I’m so very happy she decided to try her hand at paranormal! I’m hooked!

Reviewed in June 2008 by PamL.

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