by Debbie Macomber

December 2002
ISBN: 0-06-050830-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

A Season of Angels and Touched by Angels are two tales combined to lift your spirits and touch your heart! We find Mercy, Goodness and Shirley, three fledgling angels, on the path of the righteous. The Archangel Gabriel has given these three well meaning, but slightly off center angel ambassadors a mission. It’s Christmas time, one of the busier prayer seasons, and Gabriel doesn’t have time to waste. All three nutty angels promise Gabriel they will be on their best behavior, if he’ll just give them a chance to prove themselves. Can these three quirky, do gooders help their assigned earthlings find peace and joy in the Season of Love? It’s three weeks until Christmas and the pressure’s on!

Mercy’s assignment is to help Leah Lundberg, a maternity nurse, come to terms with her infertility. According to Gabriel, “she must fully accept her inability to bear a child before the invisible threads that bind her fall away”. Leah has a wonderful husband and marriage, but she longs to hear the squeals of delight, while she wipes sticky fingerprints off her walls.

Jenny Lancaster has been working long and hard to make it big in The Big Apple, and her dreams of becoming a Broadway dancer may be coming to fruition. When she receives a Christmas card from Trey La Rue, a neighbor, back home in Montana, he reminds her how much she misses home, and him. Jenny has a tough choice to make, the bright lights of Broadway or the love of a good man.

Mercy has a penchant for all things mechanical! She’s easily distracted by a shiny new forklift, and loves to ride the escalator at the mall! Will Leah’s obsession with having a baby be the demise of her marriage? Will Jenny choose love or fame? Can the forklift loving Mercy show them the way to peace?

Goodness, finds herself hooked up with Monica Fischer, daughter of a preacher, and a smidge uptight. Monica prays for a husband who can live up to her ideal man - her father! Monica’s a tad too sanctimonious, she tends to send people scattering on the subject of God, and she’s too far into the stereotypical plight of a saint! Monica’s a tough nut to crack, and when she accidentally falls into the arms of hard-nosed Detective Chet Costello, she resists her attraction to him in favor of a little soul saving!

Hannah Morganstern needs to be taught a lesson in listening to your heart. Hannah works in her family’s deli, and is due to wed someone her family considers the perfect man for her, but Hannah thinks he’s an old stick in the mud. During the Thanksgiving Day parade she meets Joshua Shaduck and wonders if sometimes you have to do what your heart tells you....

Goodness loves a good prank and can often be found taking over a television while impersonating a dead movie stars voice! Will Monica let go of her tight rein on respectability, and walk on the wild side? Will Hannah go against her parent’s wishes and follow her heart? Will the zany Goodness find someone to propose to Monica in Elvis fashion? Can she help Hannah find her perfect match?

Shirley is the fledgling ambassador angel; her task is to answer the prayer of one Timmy Potter. Timmy writes a letter to God asking him for a father for Christmas, and a new husband for his mother Jody. Jody still mourns the loss of her husband Jeff, who was killed in Germany while on business eight years ago. Jody has to make peace with his death, and learn to love again. Can Jody let her husband rest in peace, knowing he’ll still have a special place in her heart?

Brynn Cassidy needs heavenly intervention with her new teaching position, helping her to deal with the difficult issues facing teenagers living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. When she takes on teaching at an inner city high school she wants to teach her students to dream, and attain their goals. One particular student's older brother thinks that dreaming won’t help feed you. When Brynn finds herself attracted to him, can she teach him to aim higher?

Shirley has a habit of “misplacing” things, a prankster in her own right, she also loves a good romance and has a trick or two up her sleeve for Jody and Brynn! Can Shirley keep herself out of trouble long enough to help these women realize their dreams?

God has a plan for these six women, and it isn’t always obvious, even to his three most wacky ambassadors of peace, hope and love! Each woman has a lesson to teach and they find some pretty innovative ways to do it!

These three are a hoot! While guiding these women through the perils of life, they hilariously captured this reader’s heart! No mission goes as planned, and a surprise or two along the way, was just what the doctor ordered! Splendidly written, combining each cast of characters with fluid ease, this reader highly recommends Angels Everywhere!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.

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