by Joey W. Hill

ISBN: 1-931761-01-9
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A light quick read this is not. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, depends on each personís taste. Personally, I hadnít intended to spend 3 days with my every spare moment glued to the chair in front of my computer ignoring the work that was piling up. But, darn it, Guardians of The Continuum is just that good!!!

Joey Hill crafted a story that delves deep into the minds, hearts, and souls of the characters she creates. Giving them each their own problems to overcome, and making this story worth the time it takes to read it.

Guardians of The Continuum is a paranormal romance with philosophical tendencies. This story will make you look at life and how itís lived by yourself and those around you. Despite the romance that runs through it, itís not all sweetness and light. Far from it, it takes all aspects of humanity, the good, the bad, the ugly and it brings them to light, all while keeping the reader's attention fully focused on the storyís unfolding events.

The two characters Guardians of The Continuum focuses on Adam Al-Aziz and Correen Seabra who are both special in their own right. Each has a story and a personality that draws the reader in.

Correen is very much internalized. Traumatized and injured as a young girl, sheís more than well aware of the dark side of life, of the twisted things humans can do to each other. As a result sheís closed herself off to so many things in life, including her natural talent as a healer.

Adam is a Guardian. Itís his job to protect. And in this case heís come to protect this world from the damage itís doing to itself, which is causing it to seal itself off from the Continuum, the Continuum being the connection between our world and the many others that exist. Adam is also here to protect this world from a great evil that seeks to defeat and rule it. So to say that his feelings for Correen come at an inconvenient time is an understatement.

How Adam and Correen react to each other and how their story unfolds is wonderful to read in and of itself, as they are both characters you wish you knew, but Ms. Hill takes it further than that and adds additional noteworthy characters, each special and interesting in their own right. Each with histories and futures youíd like to delve into and explore. Add to these great characters a storyline that pits good against evil and then makes you questions exactly what evil is and where it comes from, and the possible end to the planet Earth and you have a very long, completely captivating tale.

I could literally go on for pages trying to describe this book and what makes it worth the time to read, all without actually giving too much detail away but Iíll save us all the time and just say, go read the book. Oh and once you have, do like I plan on doing and email Ms Hill demanding a sequel. Just donít tell her I sent you!!

Reviewed in January 2003 by JaToya.

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