by Shannon K. Butcher

February 2008
ISBN: 0-446-61866-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Lana Hancock survived torture and certain death to start her life over again. First Light Foundation is her dream, a way of using art to inspire and encourage children in positive ways. She is determined to make it a success. Maybe then the nightmares will stop and she will be able to forget about the past. Hopefully the past has forgotten about her.

There is nowhere on earth that Caleb Stone would rather be than in Lana’s hometown. Orders are orders, however, and his colonel is convinced that Lana is still in danger. If Caleb thought his suspicions were correct, nothing could keep him away. As it stands, he will represent a grim reminder of everything she suffered and is trying to forget.

The threat is very real, and since Lana is not willing to share what she knows, Caleb is forced to maintain a close eye on his stubborn subject. He learns that Lana is still showing post-traumatic stress symptoms, and vows to help her get though it. If only she would trust him with her secrets. He could protect her better if he knew what he was dealing with.

Shannon K. Butcher’s sophomore novel, No Control, has all of the thrilling elements of her debut, No Regrets. There is plenty of action, and main characters who have just enough flaws to make them memorable. Readers will be immersed in the taut story from the first page to the final moments. I could hardly put it down. Ms. Butcher’s deft hand at romantic suspense will keep her on my list of authors to watch.

Reviewed in January 2008 by Paula.

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