by Karen Kingsbury

April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-145671-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Airline Captain Conner Evans marriage has survived some rough spots, but now, he and his wife, Michele, are more in love than ever. He and his wife are surprised, when a phone call comes from an attorney in Hawaii. Conner thinks that maybe he needs to go to Hawaii to testify in a case.

Kiahna Siefert has dreamed of becoming a doctor and finding a cure for cancer, but one-night changed all that. Now she has Max to take care of, and her flight attendant job is helping her make it from paycheck to paycheck. When her plane goes down in the Pacific, her will makes it very clear—before Max can be turned over to the state, his father must be contacted.

The news rocks Conner’s marriage. He is given a choice. Refuse the child and never hear from him again, or take two weeks to decide whether or not to claim the boy as his son. The decision could destroy Conner’s marriage.

Kiahna had big plans for her and her son, but due to a plane crash, her plans are cut shore. Now Max is left with an uncertain future. One can't help but care what will happen to this precious little boy.

I enjoyed Oceans Apart the first time it came out, and enjoyed this re-issued volume just as much. Karen Kingsbury has earned her reputation as a bestselling author for good reason. Her characters are realistic and one can’t help but to care for everyone of them, even the secondary characters—they are real enough to be family members or close friends.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Laura.

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