by Cait London

April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-114051-8
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Mass Market Paperback

If like me youíve been anxiously awaiting the second book in Cait Londonís trilogy about the psychic sisters, itís time to make a bookstore run. A Strangerís Touch is the story of Tempest Storm.

Each of the Aisling-Bartel triplets was born with a unique psychic ability. Tempest has the ability to touch an object and know itís true history, and to be able to read the history and emotions of people who held the object previously. Itís due to her ďgiftĒ that she rarely goes without gloves to cover her hands, so that she doesnít inadvertently pick up feelings from objects and people around her.

Each of the triplets is sensitive around water, with Tempest possibly being the most sensitive since she is still suffering guilt over her fatherís death by drowning. However, she refuses to let the possibility of water being a psychic portal stop her from giving in to Marcus Greystone's demands that she come to his home on Lake Michigan, and help him to prove that his parents were indeed murdered in a car accident, and to find out who the mysterious driver who forced them off the road was. In exchange he will give Tempest an ancient brooch that both her mother and her sister Leona have begun to dream about.

Those people who Marcus has trusted since he was a young boy are not happy that Tempest is there and probing into his past. Opal, Kenny, and Francesca all have secrets to hide, and Tempest is sure each secret is somehow linked to Marcus and what happened to his parents. As she gets closer to the truth will Marcus continue to support her, or will he be unable to face the truth?

After I had read At The Edge, the first book in the trilogy, I was really looking forward to Tempestís story. While it was an enjoyable read, I was a bit disappointed that one secondary storyline which followed Tempest throughout quite a bit of the book seemed to just be cast aside towards the end of the story.

I was glad to see the family rally around Tempest and Marcus at the end of the book, but the final conversations which hint at what might be happening in the third and final book of the trilogy left me going WHAT? This is a series with a slight paranormal edge to them, but it appears that in the final book the paranormal theme will be more prevalent, and Iím left wondering just how far Iím willing to suspend my beliefs in paranormal activity to be able to continue to enjoy this series.

Overall A Strangerís Touch was everything I had hoped for in Tempestís story, and I hope that everyone enjoys it like I did.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Sandi.

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