by Kimberly Logan

April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-123920-5
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Mass Market Paperback

With the final book in the Daventry Sisters trilogy in hand, I was happily making my way through the story when I realized something. The title is completely wrong for this book. The realization of this grave error did not lessen my enjoyment of the novel, but it did make me disappointed that the publisher was so far off the mark.

Aimee Daventry was only nine years old when her mother was killed. She was also the only eye witness. The shock and grief of what happened locked those memories away for over a decade. They are starting to resurface now, in disturbing dreams. Aimee does not want to alarm her father or sisters, and so she is trying to cope on her own. But the loss of sleep and lack of appetite are starting to take a toll.

Viscount Stonehurst, Royce Grenville, notices the changes at once. He deeply regrets hurting Aimee’s feelings at their last encounter, but he must keep his distance from the lovely young woman. He is deeply flawed and cannot be a suitable escort for someone like her. Now their relationship is merely polite, and strained. He wishes it could be different, but vows to stand firm in his resolve to keep a distance.

When Aimee is attacked and nearly killed, Royce immediately volunteers to see to her safety. While her family looks for the villain, Aimee and her chaperone will travel to Royce’s estate, far from the city. They should be safe there.

The novel has plenty of solid elements. There is high emotion, danger and a mystery to unravel. The title of Seduced by Sin is not remotely related. Royce and Aimee are drawn to each other, as only soul mates could be, but he is not a rake – far from it. He acts honorably in trying to keep Aimee away, even though he longs to keep her forever. Readers who have followed this trilogy will be thrilled with the outcome.

Reviewed in April 2008 by Paula.

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