by Melissa Mayhue

May 2008
ISBN: 978-1416572589
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Seun Fardach Ranch, Colorado

Present Day

Mairi MacKiernan was frustrated with her older brother Connor and sister-in-law Cate. They refused to listen about the fate that had befallen their cousin 700 years ago in the time from which Mairi and Connor were from. Taking matters into her own hands, Mairi returns to her homeland of Scotland and at the magic glen of the Fae demands that her ancestor Prince Pol grant her the powers of his daughters. Amused by this feisty girl, Pol gifts her with the power, and then sends her back in time to find her destiny.

Ramos Navarro (Servans) was almost done with his training to be a Fairy guardian. Trying to undo some of the evil his Nuadian father Reynard Servans had coerced him to do, Ramos was pleased with his choice to help the Fairy kingdom protect their portals, the very thing his twisted father wanted to find most. When word reaches them from Connor that his sister Mairi MacKiernan has not returned from the past, Ramos is chosen to be her guardian and to safely bring her back. Landing in around the same time that Mairi did, Ramos finds her in a predicament that requires quick thinking, he picks the lass up tells her to hold on and gives Mairi the sexiest kiss that she has ever had!

Rescuing the headstrong Mairi is not proving easy, she refuses to leave until they do what she went back to do, save her cousin. But when Ramosí father Reynard falls into the mix, will Ramos destroy his own future to save the world from the malevolence his father will wreak upon it? A bargain has been struck, now it needs to be fulfilled and only the Soul of a Highlander can do it!

Absolutely riveting from start to finish, Melissa Mayhue keeps getting better and better with her next installment of her Daughters of the Glen series, Soul of a Highlander. I fell for Ramos at the end of the last book, Highland Guardian. Ramos the villain turned hero has to make the decision of ridding the world of his father once and for all and in so doing destroying his own future, or choosing his heartís desire, Mairi. Mairi knows how to kick butt, and she doesnít mess around especially with this Alpha he-man that keeps trying to tell her what to do. A hint of things to come is dropped at the end and I for one canít wait for the next book in this fabulous series!

Reviewed in April 2008 by Bonnie.

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