by Ann Jacobs

January 2003
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Firestorm by Ann Jacobs taught me a thing or two about the oil business and also a lesson in patience!

Jake Green works for GreenTex Petroleum, drilling for oil. Heís rude, crude, socially unacceptable, and holds a grudge the size of Montana against women! Still trying to regain his footing after learning that his wife betrayed him while he was in Venezuela on an oil drill, he lashes out at the opposite sex with vigor. He has a penchant for being overbearing, and is often downright crass! Jake comes to Mississippi to drill for oil on Kate Blackís land, but trouble looms on the horizon. Sabotage seems to be the order of the day for GreenTex - someone is setting fires at the drilling stations and Jake aims to find out who!

Kate Black returned to Mississippi to care for her dying father. She has lost her fiancť and is busily licking her wounds when she meets tough-guy Jake. Instantly she knows she wants him, and that somehow he can erase the pain of losing her fiancť. When a fire breaks out on her land and Kate is nearly hurt by one of the henchmen sent to start it, Jake, and his heavy hand take over. When old ghosts come back to haunt Jake itís time for him to face the past full steam ahead. Can Kate help Jake forget his faithless ex-wife, and find her own place in his heart? Will Jake let go of his grudge and fall for Kate? Will the arsonist who is trashing Jakeís drilling sites be caught? I would have enjoyed just a little more time to find out.

The tone of this book came off as a little rushed, lust can happen quickly for sure, but from a distant hill while gazing longingly at a man youíve never met? This reader found that difficult to believe. Everything seemed to happen much too rapidly - their attraction, and Kateís willingness to have a one night stand, thereby tossing every morale she has to the wind. Jake makes no secret of his distrust of women, yet only three chapters in, heís breaking his neck to save Kate from dying in a fire because he canít live without her? Jake is 'over the top' bitter about his cheating wife and it began to feel like a burr in this readerís saddle. Kate is 'over the top' naive, and that too can become exhausting!

My suggestion here is to pace this story just a bit and let each moment be savored like fine wine. Capture those moments, embrace them, then have some rough and ready sex! Gently coax me into wanting to cheer for these people as a couple! I didnít know what could possibly be left, after we had explored all of those avenues in just a few chapters.

This is, of course, only one reader's opinion. Ms. Jacobs shows great strength with the premise of this book and itís obvious much effort went into the research! This reader invites you to form your own opinion!

Reviewed in January 2003 by Connie.

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