by Eloisa James

December 2002
ISBN: 0-06-050810-8
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Mass Market Paperback

After a forced marriage to the girl he thought was his cousin, Camden Serrard, the Duke of Girton, flees England. This is not due to any crime or scandal, he simply cannot imagine being married to one of his best friends, and will not be the dutiful son his father demands. So, off he goes to the Continent, where he pursues his true passion, sculpture.

Duchess in Love is a witty and entertaining story of what happens when Gina summons her absentee husband home so that she can divorce him and marry one of the many suitors who surround her. I enjoyed the scenes that portray Camden and Gina’s first encounter after so many years apart. Gina is worried that she will not recognize the boy she married in the man who returns. Camden assumes that she will be instantly recognizable, however, he forgot one thing - child brides grow up.

This story has several interesting subplots and some twists that I did not expect. As an avid reader of historical romances, sometimes they have a tendency to dwell on the same topics. That is not the case in this novel. There are no specific time references, but from the description of the gowns and menswear, I feel certain that it would fall into the Regency category. Readers who enjoy Stephanie Laurens and Julia Quinn will not be disappointed.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Paula.

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