by Shannon Greenland

February 2003
ISBN: 1-59088-856-1
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Trade Paperback

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In Amelia Island Florida, Veronica Burns is looking to start a new life away from her controlling ex. She’s ready to make her own decisions. A new home, new friends, and a job at the prestigious Amelia’s Academy are a perfect beginning. The only thing that could make the whole situation more perfect would be her handsome and moody boss, Dr. Rico DeAngelo, actually being nice to her.

Dr. Rico DeAngelo can’t believe the Board of Directors went behind his back and hired Veronica Burns for the Instructional Technologist position. He already had someone in mind for the job, someone from the Ivy Leagues, more importantly, someone who isn’t quite so irritatingly sexy.

A fast growing friendship with Maria, Rico’s daughter, brings Veronica and Rico in constant contact. The attraction between them grows stronger each day, but neither is willing to give in to the feelings out of the fear that a failed relationship may destroy the bond between Veronica and Maria. For Veronica, there is also the issue of losing control of her own life.

Losing control of her life isn’t Veronica’s only worry. For a while, she’s been picking up strange vibes when she’s out alone, and then there are things like disturbing phone calls, damaged pictures, missing undergarments, and dark glances from a man named Junior. Veronica is sure someone is out to get her, but she doesn’t have any proof.

A brutal attack shatters the contentment of her new life, and she moves in with Rico and Maria. Although her physical scars heal reasonably fast, Veronica is deeply traumatized by her emotional wounds. Understanding from her friends and Rico’s unconditional support help her find her way out of the darkness. When the police in another city capture Junior, it appears that all is well, and Veronica is free to live again.

But the assailant the police captured isn’t the person who attacked Veronica. The real criminal is still on the loose, and he’s coming back to Amelia Island to finish what he started - killing Veronica.

Will Veronica be able to stop her attacker and save her life and Maria’s or in one cruel stroke of fate will Rico lose the two loves of his life?

While reading this book, I particularly enjoyed the Florida backdrop. The author paints a wonderful enchanting picture of the lush state. The one thing I do not particularly relish about this story is Veronica’s desire to remain independent at all costs. Personally, I find this hard to believe, especially when such actions stemming from this urge, place her and others in harm way. She has this sinking feeling about Junior, yet she doesn’t mention it to Rico or anyone else for quite awhile. I would think she would be concerned about the safety of people around her.

All in all, I really enjoyed this story, especially the prologue. It gave me a taste and had me hungering for more. Ms. Greenland did not leave me wanting. Discovering Veronica is an excellent page-gripping read. Commanding you to keep turning pages, the interaction between the lead characters is interesting and beguiling. Several of the supporting characters, Maria and Gillian in particular, have lively personalities which sparkle throughout the story. Where many have tried and failed, Shannon Greenland excels in blending romance and suspense into a dynamic heart-racing novel.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Natasha.

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