by Carolyn R. Scheidies

October 2002
ISBN: 1-928602-15-0
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When Kit Anderson receives a phone call from her dying grandmother requesting her presence, there was no doubt in her mind that she would go to her side despite the obvious physical hardship… Kit had suffered, and still does, from a crippling form of arthritis since she was a teenager that left her with disfigured hands and a pronounced limp.

Kit is an admirable heroine – strong, determined and intelligent, she has lived with her disability with the help of her Christian faith… and others who value the same virtues that she has acquired because of her struggles. Although she’s a bit down on herself for having such a disability, she doesn’t let her insecurities conquer her – she’s managed through numerous surgeries and therapies to walk again after being confined to a wheelchair for a long time. However, if it weren’t for being slightly dependent on others for help, she never would have met and fallen in love with Dr. Keith Long.

Asked to accompany her by Dr. Ken Ellis, Kit’s doctor and Keith’s colleague, Kit wasn’t anyone that Keith had in mind as someone he would have a long-term relationship with – in short, Kit wasn’t exactly wife material to an up-and-coming doctor like him. His attitude towards finding the right mate doesn’t exactly mesh with his Christian values; it even seems a bit hypocritical. But, of course, plans don’t always go as planned, and before long, Keith is charmed by Kit’s combination of innocence and strength despite (or maybe because of?) her disability.

Although the two main characters are both commendable, it’s really the mystery plot that steals the show, so ‘ter speak. The mystery behind Kit’s family, her heirloom jewelry box that her step-grandmother had asked her to bring along, and the unknown danger that she faces kept this reader turning the pages to find the culprit and their motivation for being wicked. I hate to admit it, because of the fact that this was an inspirational novel, but the secondary characters, the whole of Kit’s family and her family history, is what’s riveting about the story. Ms. Scheidies does an excellent job of keeping the reader on its toes, giving bits and pieces of the mystery – and not enough for them to even guess what the secrecy was all about!

This reader has to admit that inspirational novels aren’t her first choice of romance reading – the bible quotes in the beginning of the each chapter, and the story sprinkled with prayers and references to God and Jesus, well, it doesn’t make for the most comfortable romance reading experience. But that’s just a personal preference that has nothing to do with fact that the story is a well-written romantic whodunit. So if an inspirational novel with a dose of a good mystery, is your cup of tea, Katalina is well-worth a read.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Veronica.

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